The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood

Connecting with the Community

Creating opportunities and improving quality of life

The significant social, economic and environmental benefits that Weavers Cross will bring, can only be realised after a significant period of change. We want public, private and voluntary organisations to work with local communities towards a shared vision that will maximise the benefits this change will bring.

It is our aim to improve the quality of life and opportunities for people who already live, work and study in the area whilst also creating the infrastructure for commuters, future residents, new businesses and visitors to the area.

Through all stages of the development and afterwards, Translink and Weavers Cross will work closely with local people and key partners to deliver sustainable community projects providing real-life improvements.

This will be achieved in three key areas


  • Job creation and talent attraction; improved quality of life
  • Enhanced public buildings; education and training


  • Stimulating growth; infrastructure enhancement; connectivity
  • Creative tourism appeal; inward investment


  • Quality of design and place-making; efficient transport and modal shift. As more people switch to public transport in significant numbers, congestion can be reduced, air quality can be improved and business, the economy, health and the environment will all benefit