Under Construction

Under Construction

Our plan to complete the Belfast Transport Hub

The Belfast Transport Hub is the biggest public transport infrastructure project and represents one of the largest single investments in Northern Ireland.

The transport led regeneration project will require a significant civil engineering and construction intervention to build the state-of-the-art transport hub.

The project will be delivered by completing 3 distinct phases of work:

• Site preparation works
• Permanent Way (P-Way) enhancements
• Main Construction works

Site Preparation Works will take around 18 months to complete and include site clearance, utility diversions, ecology surveys, ground remediation, watercourse and drainage activities. This will ensure the site is ready for the main build phase in 2021 and that construction teams and materials are able to enter and begin work safely and efficiently.
A replacement pedestrian footbridge (Bridge 308a) will be constructed over the existing railway at the Blythefield curve section of the site to accommodate this track widening works.

*GRAHAM Civil Engineering were awarded the contract to deliver the Site Preparation Works.**

Permanent Way and Signalling enhancements are required within the projects planning permission. Track enhancements consisting of the existing two track corridor at the southern end of the site to be widened to three tracks to improve access into and departing from the new transport hub. This is only at a localised section on approach to the 8 new platforms.

There will also replacement on the wider network of permanent way and rail signalling to bring the infrastructure up to the required standard to facilitate the new Belfast Transport Hub.

You can find out more about the NIROC project here.

**Babcock International will be responsible for delivering this aspect of the project.**

Main Construction Works will be the main phase of the programme undertaking key project milestones such as; Construction of new integrated public transport interchange comprising; station concourse, 26 bus stands, 8 railway platforms, bus maintenance and parking, bus access bridge, cycle and taxi provision, car parking, new public square, public realm improvements, highway improvements, infrastructure improvements, temporary structures for bus operations during construction and temporary site construction compounds.

**Farrans Sacyr will be responsible for delivering this aspect of the project.**