A Catalyst for Regeneration

A Catalyst for Regeneration

The wider Weavers Cross development is a Transport led Regeneration Project. There is compelling evidence from other cities that station investment can be a catalyst for urban regeneration and provides a major impact in terms wider city transformation.

More and more, stations are at the heart of urban regeneration and are driving a new wave of economic and social development in the 21st century. Transport Hubs are at the epicentre of growth and are increasingly seen as destinations for shopping, working, employment, education, living and socialising.

A visionary masterplan is being established for Weavers Cross. This masterplan will set out its capability to act as a catalyst for regeneration through enhancing infrastructure, increasing passenger numbers, improving local communities, supporting local businesses and providing opportunities for partnering with private developers.

Weavers Cross will act as a key enabler of wider city regeneration by connecting people and opportunities through infrastructure and delivering a key outcome within the PfG. Working in conjunction with Belfast City Council Translink are looking to support the ambitions and aspirations of the Belfast Agenda to provide further opportunities for residents to live and work in the city centre.

The Belfast Transport Hub and the wider Weavers Cross development is part of a Special Action Area within the Belfast City Centre Regeneration and Investment Strategy. Translink are interfacing with other Belfast City Council Developments including the Linen Quarter to be a part of the collective ambition for the continued growth and regeneration of the city core and its surrounding areas.