About Us

About Us

The Need for the Project

Record numbers, over 81 million passenger journeys annually, are now choosing to travel by public transport, the new transport hub will build on this, playing a vital role in our ambitious plans to transform public transport in line with our vision to be:

“first choice for travel in Northern Ireland”

There are four key factors driving the need for Belfast Grand Central Station.

1. Capacity

The existing Europa Buscentre and Great Victoria Street Rail Station are operating at their optimum operational capacity – sometimes above it.

The present facilities accommodate approximately 7 million passenger movements a year. With passenger growth projections as they stand, the current concourses, platforms and bus stands will be unable to cope with projected demand.

The new Belfast Grand Central Station will accommodate the projected increase in demand and also deliver a much-improved customer experience.

2. Economic growth

Government policy recognises the critical role that cities play in creating and sustaining employment and delivering economic progress – both locally and nationally.

Transport infrastructure is also crucially linked to long-term growth, and there is strong evidence that investment in a modern hub can have a substantial positive impact on inner-city regeneration and job creation.

The new transport hub will support economic growth and create jobs in Belfast and across Northern Ireland.

3. Creating a city gateway

The Europa Buscentre and Great Victoria Street Station occupy a circa 8-hectare site in a prime gateway location – west of Belfast’s central commercial district at the intersection of two major traffic routes through the city.

A range of strategic, independent planning policies have identified the need to regenerate this area of the city centre, creating a highly visible gateway with a new integrated transport hub at its centre.

The new transport hub will stimulate the development and regeneration of a major gateway to Belfast.

4. Improved efficiency and productivity

The creation of a new integrated transport hub on the site of the existing Bus and Rail facilities, provides Translink with the opportunity to review its long-term strategies regarding bus storage and engineering requirements. This will positively impact operating costs, service provision and passenger experience.

Belfast Grand Central Station will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Translink operations and services.