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Value of Station Investment

The new heart of the city

The Weavers Cross project recognises the value of station investment on surrounding areas and the major impact it can have in terms of:

  • Urban regeneration and transformation
  • Job creation
  • Investment
  • Economic output

Station Quarter: Regeneration

The Belfast Transport Hub project will be a catalyst for the regeneration of the wider site and surrounding area. Through its connectivity it will create an opportunity for businesses to establish themselves, incentivising economic growth in the area.

In addition, the development of the public realm will increase active travel and public safety, providing pedestrian connections in this area of the city as well as pleasant cycle routes to neighbouring areas.

A report commissioned by Network Rail entitled ‘The Value of Station Investment’ (Steer Davies Gleeve, 2011), considers the impact of station investment on regeneration, other local impacts and wider economic development. It confirms that investing in stations can be an economic catalyst at a local and regional level in addition to delivering improvements for passengers.

Initial studies suggest the Belfast Transport Hub could provide the opportunity for the creation of up to 1 million square feet gross floor area. This could potentially support a range of uses including commercial (office), residential, hospitality and retail.

Sustainable Themes

The proposals for the Belfast Transport Hub embody an exemplary Sustainability Strategy, in line with Translink’s Sustainability Policy. Four key Outcomes and ten Sustainability. Themes are shown below.

1. For the City

Supporting the economic growth of Belfast, creating a sense of arrival in the city, aiding inward investment and regeneration of the Northern Ireland region.

2. For the Community

Optimising the social impact value of the redevelopment, creating an urban landscape and environment that connects with and relates to the local community.

3. For the Customer

Enhancing the customer experience, capitalising on improved connectivity and service provision across the transport network, to encourage sustainable, active travel.

4. For the Belfast Transport Hub

Providing a transport hub that is attractive and resilient, resource-efficient and future-proofed to meet changing needs.