The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood

Regeneration through Reconnection

The residential areas neighbouring the Belfast Grand Central Station site, notably Sandy Row in South Belfast and the Grosvenor Road in West Belfast, are particularly rich in history, culture and heritage.

The vision for Weavers Cross is to keep this character alive within the development. We aim to achieve this through all aspects of our project, from visioning and naming to design and realisation.

We will be continuing to work with local communities and stakeholders to shape, plan and design the Weavers Cross masterplan, capitalising on the local assets, inspiration, and potential to create spaces that promote people’s health and wellbeing.

Over the years, these areas have experienced a lack of investment and as a result, have suffered from economic decline. However, there is a strong desire locally and within the NI Executive to revitalise these communities. Every effort will be made to ensure they enjoy the economic benefits associated with infrastructure investment and subsequent regeneration.

A 2011 report by Steer Davies Gleave, ‘The Value of Station Investment – Research on Regenerative Impacts’, asserts that “a well-designed station environment can improve the image of the place it serves, making it more attractive to live, work and invest…”

Belfast Grand Central Station is a Northern Ireland Executive flagship project that addresses the “special action area” in Belfast City Centre’s regeneration and investment strategy – driving economic growth, creating jobs and delivering social benefits to the surrounding area.

The area now known as Weavers Cross has always been at the heart of Belfast’s infrastructure, economy and social development. From the mid 1600s, the stone bridge over the River Blackstaff was a crucial link on the road to Dublin and during the 18th and 19th centuries the area became a centre of Belfast’s world-renowned linen industry. By the mid 1800s, the railways were bringing people and prosperity to the area and today the Belfast Transport Hub and wider Weavers Cross development offers a hugely progressive and dynamic investment opportunity.

The Weavers Cross name, developed in consultation with local communities, pays homage to the workers who made Belfast famous and also the action of the crossing of the waterway that still runs through the heart of our area as it winds its way towards the River Lagan and the sea.