Archaeological findings presented to local community

Translink hosted a community event at Sandy Row Community Centre to exhibit artefacts found during recent archaeological excavation works carried out at the Belfast Transport Hub site.

The Belfast Transport Hub was granted planning approval in 2019 and a ground-work survey was completed by an expert team of archaeologists. This survey was submitted for review to the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) Planning and DfC Historic Environment Division in line with Translink’s statutory obligations. As the project continues, archaeologists will continue to monitor works, ensuring that any archaeological materials are identified and recorded.

The event gave the local community the opportunity to see the different techniques and processes used to excavate the finding from the site. The two-key areas of focus related to the Boyne/Saltwater Bridge coring exercise and the targeted trial trenching evaluation.

The event was attended by members of the public, including residents of the local community, key stakeholders and those with an historical interest in the area.

Chris Conway, Translink Group Chief Executive, said: “Today’s event marks an important step in Translink’s commitment to the preservation of the history and heritage of the area. We are committed to supporting vibrant communities and it is our aim to make a positive lasting legacy to the communities surrounding the new Belfast Transport Hub.

“We were delighted to welcome key stakeholders to this event; we understand the importance of local heritage and we were pleased to be able to present the findings of the work carried out to date.

“I’m also very pleased to confirm that the remains of the historical Saltwater Bridge will be preserved ‘in-situ’ in line with industry best practice. The Saltwater Bridge remains will not be disturbed during construction of the Belfast Transport Hub project.

“Going forward, all the factual evidence gathered from the Archaeology Report will be used to inform the projects arts and heritage programme, so that the story of the built and natural heritage can be told to future generations.

“I thank everyone in this community for the support and patience during this important step of the Belfast Transport Hub project. “