Belfast Transport Hub teams run to create awareness of Dementia in Northern Ireland

Two teams of energetic members from the Belfast Transport Hub (BTH) team competed in the 2019 Belfast City marathon’s team relay competition to raise money and awareness of Dementia NI, the voice for people who are living with a diagnosis of dementia.

The event, which took place in May 2019, provided the opportunity for staff to raise £2,380.08 for Dementia NI.

Ruth Ingram, Programme Support Officers and Mental Health First Aid Champion for Belfast Transport Hub, said

“Not only does participating in the Belfast City Marathon allow the project team to ‘Go Healthy’ it allows the BTH project to engage positively with a hugely impactful charity such as Dementia NI.

“We are aware that the construction of the BTH and the development of the wider neighbourhood of Weaver Cross, over the next five years, will lead to infrastructure and urban renewal in the South West part of Belfast. This process of transition can lead to people altering their normal patterns of circulation, negotiating and navigating urban areas.

“As we plan and prepare for these interventions, we recognise the great diversity among individuals with dementia and their carers and the importance of promoting their inclusion in all areas of our planning by responding flexibly to their dementia related needs.

“We look forward to working collaboratively with Dementia NI throughout the lifetime of the project and to ensure that the project is as dementia friendly as we can possibly make it”.

Fionnuala Savage, Dementia NI Income Generation Manager, said

“I’d like to thank the teams from BTH for running the 2019 Belfast City Marathon and congratulations to everyone involved on a fantastic achievement!

“In addition to the physical commitment required to run a marathon, your commitment to fundraise for local people living with dementia is inspirational.

“Thank you for choosing to support our work in helping these families face their own marathon battles. I am thrilled to accept donations of £2380.08 which will go towards funding vital programmes for people living with dementia across Northern Ireland.

Today many people across Northern Ireland will receive a diagnosis of dementia, this will often leave people feeling isolated, frightened and alone.

“Dementia NI is your local charity here to ensure people with dementia take action, have their voices heard and improve the lives of everyone who has dementia. We look forward to working closely with our friends from Translink on the exciting plans for the new BTH”.

The Belfast Transport Hub is a flagship transport-led regeneration project which is prioritised in the Programme for Government for funding and which received planning permission in March 2019.