Translink and local community join forces to enhance local allotments

Translink recently engaged with both the Greater Village Regeneration Trust (GVRT) and Blythefield Allotment holders as part of its drive to work collaboratively and sensitively with local communities impacted by essential infrastructure work on and around the railway line

Infrastructure teams together with the Belfast Transport Hub project team visited the allotments and carried out a local litter pick, working with members of the community and have also provided some gardening equipment and top soil to help enhance the local natural environment for these lineside neighbours who share space with our infrastructure teams.

Nick Boyd, Translink Track Condition Retention Project Manager said,

“To keep our passengers and Northern Ireland moving with a reliable and prompt railway service, we regularly review the state of our railway networks and carry out essential track work to ensure high safety standards and operational performance is maintained.

“As one of the busiest sections on the network, the Blythefield Curve is a strategically important approach and departure point, to and from Belfast. It is vital engineers constantly monitor and retain track condition through engineering intervention, ensuring a safe and fit for purpose railway infrastructure for passengers and staff”.”.


Brendan Gallagher, Belfast Transport Hub Community Engagement Manager said,

“We want to be a good neighbour and very much care about how Translink’s Infrastructure works can impact our railway neighbours.  The Blythefield Allotments are situated in a very unique location on the network and we are delighted that we were able to contribute in a sustainable and safe way to life at the allotments.

“We have built up a strong partnership with community groups like GVRT and this initiative with the Blythefield Allotments, helps us to raise awareness of the importance of track enhancements and safety. It also allows us to hear first-hand how we can work considerately to minimise any local disturbance during the engineering phases of these essential infrastructure projects”.


Sarah Bowden, Director, Greater Village Regeneration Trust (Blythefield Allotment Management Group)

GVRT and the plot holders welcome the kind donation delivered by Translink. This will go a long way to enhancing daily life at the allotments. This work will make an excellent addition to the allotments in the coming years and will benefit the individual plot holders on the site.


“Once again Translink have shown the mutual benefits to building and maintaining positive community relationships and commitment to working in partnership to support each other through these periods of transition.

“We’d like to place on record our sincere thanks and appreciation to Translink for its continued support and efforts to positively engage with local people throughout Inner South Belfast”.